Episode 1 – Social Entrepreneurship vs. Social Innovation

Join Jerrid and Courtney as they examine the fine, often interchangeable, line between social entrepreneurship and social innovation.  As Jerrid explains it, social entrepreneurship encompasses using business practices to create wealth and social value.

In some ways, social innovation can be thought of as the umbrella under which social entrepreneurship falls. This takes into account all of the people who may be socially innovative but not necessarily social entrepreneurs. To this end, the purpose of social innovation is for social progress and value creation. This purpose divulges ever so slightly from social entrepreneurship because social innovation may or may not have a wealth generating component.  Still with us?

Take this example. Jon Territo—true story—is a music professor at Valencia who wants to find ways to infuse social innovation into his courses. One idea is to have his choral groups and ensembles play at fundraisers so students can learn the benefits of giving back to their communities.  Or perhaps his students may perform at a concert where the admission is two can goods. Both options fall under the social innovation umbrella.

While seeds of social innovation may be planted in the course lessons of some faculty, the main focus of the work at Valencia is social entrepreneurship. The academic program helps students create businesses that do well and do good. Courtney is curious how Jerrid teaches such a broad topic to his students. As it turns out, Jerrid has plenty of resources in his toolkit which includes a systematic literature review he co-authored with Rollins College Professor Mary Conway Dao-on.

Jerrid, as does Courtney, likes to teach through examples. He spends the first 2 weeks on terminology then the class begins to narrow down the list and dissect the remaining definitions until a cohesive understanding emerges.

The show wraps up with the hosts sharing their extracurricular activities. Courtney was inspired by a workshop she attended at the Orlando Public Library that focused on seizing your dreams. She was also thrilled that the student club she co-advises, the Valencia East Book Nerds, received Program of the Year for their banned book trivia event.

Jerrid was also having a great week. He is also an advisor to a student club, the Social Entrepreneurship Student Organization (SESO). SESO hosted a successful event where social entrepreneurship extraordinaire, Eric Glustrum, was the guest speaker. An inspiration in the field, Eric Glustrum’s credentials include being an Ashoka Fellow, Echoing Green Fellow, Forbes 30 Social Entrepreneurship Under 30, and founder of Watson U.   

Teaching Change Shout-outs
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“The winding road of social entrepreneurship definitions: a systematic literature review” by Mary Conway Dato-on and Jerrid Kalakay  


Episode 0 – Introductions


In the inaugural episode of Teaching Change, Professor Jerrid Kalakay and Librarian Courtney Moore set the stage to chronicle social entrepreneurship education at Valencia College and beyond. As Jerrid defines it, social entrepreneurship is the practice of using innovative business practices to create social value and wealth. The co-hosts, who both work at Valencia, begin with personal introductions that provide details on their respective backgrounds and interests.

At Valencia, Jerrid pulls double duty as a full-time instructor for the New Student Experience course and as the Social Entrepreneurship Program Coordinator—and this is just his day job! Jerrid, having earned a Ph.D. in leadership and change with a focus on social entrepreneurship, brings a vast field of knowledge to the podcast. He has long been a steadfast advocate for social entrepreneurship education and was instrumental in developing the program at Valencia. A married man and father of three, Jerrid’s motivations are quite simple. For his family and society as a whole, it is his hope that everyone makes the world a little better than when they found it.

While Jerrid is very much the insider, Courtney is stepping into new territory with a podcast on social entrepreneurship. Most days she is either at the library’s reference desk or teaching information literacy instruction classes. Courtney’s role as a librarian has constantly enhanced her worldview and has set her up as a staunch supporter of lifelong learning who walks the walk. Her master’s degree in library science and information studies has allowed her a professional platform to champion the value and access to information. Courtney’s burgeoning knowledge of social entrepreneurship is bolstered by her experience as an educator and self-confessed podcast addiction.

Outside of work, both Jerrid and Courtney make the most of their spare time. Jerrid is a not-so-undercover fanboy who loves a good binge of nerdy television. The SyFy channel is a must. Jerrid also has an affection for hip hop music due to its running themes of shared experience.

Courtney moonlights as a member of Weekend Toastmasters—a club that builds public speaking and leadership skills. She also has ambitions to one day parlay her fiction writing hobby into a Shonda Rhimes, “Scandal”-size gig.

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