We all benefit from a kinder, more charitable world. The study of social entrepreneurship is rich with examples that foster this sentiment. The innovators comprising this field are throwing traditional business models out the window in favor of game-changing solutions that truly impact people’s lives. Social entrepreneurship provides valuable lessons on community and how each of us can contribute to meaningful change.

Interested in learning more? So are we!

The Teaching Change Podcast is a labor of love brought to life by host Professor Jerrid P. Kalakay.  The podcast explores social entrepreneurship education and innovation through the lens of Valencia College’s academic program in Orlando, FL.  Jerrid interviews social entrepreneurs, educators, and policy-makers on their experiences within the sector of socially conscious businesses.

As a dedicated educator and citizen, he is invested in traveling through the world of social entrepreneurship and spreading the goodwill it fosters. He has saved you a seat. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!