Episode 35 – Social Entrepreneurship as Scholarship and Practice with Sara Frost

On this episode with speak with current doctoral student and aspiring social entrepreneur Sara Frost.  Sara is finishing up her coursework for the Ph. D. in Leadership and Change, from Antioch University and will be embarking research on risk-taking in social enterprises.  Sara shares her aspirations to begin her own “Art Bus” social enterprise that would travel around the United States bringing the Arts to school children.  She also shares her own journey in discovering, studying, and practicing social entrepreneurship.


Sara Frost, Ed.S.

Data Systems Manager at The Guild for Human Services and Ph.D. Student at Antioch University

By day, Sara is the data systems manager at a special education school in Massachusetts; she uses data to inform the agency in decision-making. By night, she is a Ph.D. student at Antioch University. Her dissertation is on barriers to Risk-taking for Social Entrepreneurs. She has been excited about social entrepreneurship since 2008 when she came up with an idea for a social enterprise that she wants to start. At the time she was unaware of the exciting world of social entrepreneurship.

Along the way, she has tried to gain the necessary education to start such an endeavor. Although she hasn’t quite gotten her idea off the ground, she has learned about some really cool people who are changing the world.

Sara is also a sloth enthusiast, a mom to a human and two dogs, and wife to a 3D Animator and video game designer.

Sara has a BA in Theater from Florida State University, an MS in Human Services Administration from Louisiana State University Shreveport, and an Ed.S. in Special Education from Bay Path University.

Given the opportunity to tell you what to do, she would encourage you to be kind to everyone, do one thing that excites you every day, and stay awesome.


Sara Frost contact – sfrost3@antioch.edu

Jerrid Kalakay’s Dissertation – “JUST” Business and Often Personal: An Exploration Into the Incidents Social Entrepreneurs Identify as Critical to Leading Their Enterprises

Guild for Human Services Website – www.guildhumanservices.org

AmeriCorps NCCC – https://www.nationalservice.gov/programs/americorps/americorps-programs/americorps-nccc

Sara also encourages you to buy the coloring book that has a picture of her baby, called Dogs Are Mean: The (ADULT) Coloring Book (Animals Are Mean) (Volume 2) https://www.amazon.com/Dogs-Are-Mean-Coloring-Animals/dp/1729812589/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1542998965&sr=1-1&keywords=animals+are+mean+dogs+are+mean


Jerrid is an entrepreneur, educator, and change agent with a passion for assisting others in becoming the best versions of themselves. He has over 15 years of experience in leadership development, social entrepreneurship, higher education, organization innovation, and change management. A recent graduate of the Leadership and Change Doctoral program at Antioch University, Jerrid also, has a Master’s Degree in Higher Education from Florida State University and two Bachelor Degrees in Management and Marketing from the University of North Florida. Carl Jung said... "People are in a constant state of becoming", Jerrid believes it is his mission to inspire people and organizations to become their best.

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